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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
549316201127 27-Nov-2020 16-Jan-2030 charter flight services bfa tenders
509016201127 27-Nov-2020 30-Nov-2021 test system for manufacturers of low voltage cables up to 1 kv tenders
29617210227 27-Feb-2021 31-Jul-2021 canteen and catering services tenders
29517210227 27-Feb-2021 31-Jul-2021 canteen and catering services tenders
413517210415 15-Apr-2021 07-Jul-2021 provia 62234 - obb - baulos 1 - asc base werndorf, substructure & building tenders
1377916210301 01-Mar-2021 30-Jun-2021 pension insurance company - procurement of protective equipment - examination gloves (open house) tenders
694216210409 09-Apr-2021 14-Jun-2021 koralmbahn graz - klagenfurt, section wettmannstatten - deutschlandsberg, construction, constructi tenders
508016210331 31-Mar-2021 02-Jun-2021 special-purpose road passenger transport services tenders
507416210331 31-Mar-2021 31-May-2021 bosruck tunnel renovation of inner shell 2022 tenders
674017210312 12-Mar-2021 26-May-2021 new building of an educational institute for elementary education (bafep21) with a 10-group practi tenders
673917210312 12-Mar-2021 26-May-2021 1180 vienna, klostergasse 25, functional renovation and expansion of ahs klostergasse, general pla tenders
1012816210402 02-Apr-2021 26-May-2021 cleaning chemistry graffiti and graffiti coatings tenders
692616210409 09-Apr-2021 20-May-2021 adult and other education services tenders
344051210413 13-Apr-2021 20-May-2021 engineering design of a pgaa & neutron imaging instrument for morocco (mor1012) tenders
411817210415 15-Apr-2021 19-May-2021 primary school construction work tenders
508416210331 31-Mar-2021 19-May-2021 adult and other education services tenders
412517210415 15-Apr-2021 18-May-2021 q-tof mass spectrometer tenders
413017210415 15-Apr-2021 18-May-2021 architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services tenders
413717210415 15-Apr-2021 18-May-2021 the present procedure, the construction work for the construction of the construction lot h41. corrigendum
413617210415 15-Apr-2021 18-May-2021 performance of works relating to the construction lot h41 gola del torrente sill-pfons, to be carr corrigendum

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