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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
837116200821 21-Aug-2020 31-Dec-2020 lower austria lreg - lad3-a-10139 / 138-2020 - nat screenings tenders
909916200701 01-Jul-2020 31-Dec-2020 health and social work services tenders
992316190401 01-Apr-2019 31-Dec-2020 canteen and catering services tenders
573516191120 20-Nov-2019 18-Dec-2020 infrastructure works consultancy services tenders
1960016200911 11-Sep-2020 16-Dec-2020 barett (framework contract) tenders
789216191205 05-Dec-2019 30-Nov-2020 medium-voltage cable tenders
789116191205 05-Dec-2019 30-Nov-2020 low-voltage cable tenders
2437516200930 30-Sep-2020 30-Nov-2020 miscellaneous business and business-related services tenders
1960116200911 11-Sep-2020 18-Nov-2020 hose scarf (framework contract) tenders
987517200806 06-Aug-2020 16-Nov-2020 lakeside district gmunden with hotel corrigendum
2180016200925 25-Sep-2020 09-Nov-2020 medical equipments, pharmaceuticals and personal care products tenders
245051191017 17-Oct-2019 08-Nov-2020 bpa: liquid water isotope laser analyser systems tenders
1922516200922 22-Sep-2020 06-Nov-2020 emergency vehicle hlf 2 tenders
1245816200930 30-Sep-2020 05-Nov-2020 delivery and installation of 1 biomass boiler with a capacity of 5 mw each and an electric filter tenders
2086816200915 15-Sep-2020 05-Nov-2020 building-cleaning services tenders
1014617200812 12-Aug-2020 04-Nov-2020 architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services tenders
571717200826 26-Aug-2020 04-Nov-2020 new building "kinderkunstlabor st. polten" and park design, general planning services tenders
122052200825 25-Aug-2020 04-Nov-2020 the client intends to award all planning and consultancy services (“general planning services inclu tenders
885116200828 28-Aug-2020 04-Nov-2020 underwear (bw) (framework contract) for 2022 to 2024 (option 2025 or 2026) tenders
13417200808 08-Aug-2020 03-Nov-2020 8020 graz, alte poststrasse - new building of the ahs reininghaus - eu-wide, open one-stage realiz tenders

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