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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
1170017210119 19-Jan-2021 28-Feb-2021 motor gasoline of the ai-95-k5-euro brand auction
2412017210115 15-Jan-2021 28-Feb-2021 purchase of food for march-august 2021 auction
636516210121 21-Jan-2021 18-Feb-2021 automobile fuel tenders
485417210107 07-Jan-2021 18-Feb-2021 provision of telecommunication services for access to the international scientific network geant a tenders
1223617210121 21-Jan-2021 16-Feb-2021 tires for 2021 for gukvv auction
389217210122 22-Jan-2021 15-Feb-2021 services for forwarding postal correspondence for the courts of the gomel region auction
746117210123 23-Jan-2021 15-Feb-2021 confectionery tenders
392317210122 22-Jan-2021 12-Feb-2021 car rental service with driver tenders
26217210121 21-Jan-2021 12-Feb-2021 operation of vehicles with drivers to provide medical care to the population (march-december 2021) auction
485317210107 07-Jan-2021 12-Feb-2021 rectified ethyl alcohol tenders
826116210123 23-Jan-2021 11-Feb-2021 purchase of school buses auction
1168317210122 22-Jan-2021 11-Feb-2021 reagents for the biochemical analyzer bs-300 (ferritin) auction
1178217210122 22-Jan-2021 11-Feb-2021 vegetable oil, mayonnaise tenders
1177817210122 22-Jan-2021 11-Feb-2021 dried fruits, raisins tenders
710117210123 23-Jan-2021 11-Feb-2021 purchase of felling devices auction
1567417210114 14-Jan-2021 10-Feb-2021 pneumatic gun tenders
1467817210123 23-Jan-2021 09-Feb-2021 supply of computer equipment and accessories to it (00uya, 10ucb, 00ust) of power unit no. 1 of th tenders
1467717210123 23-Jan-2021 09-Feb-2021 "supply of spare parts for building 00uac for the construction of power unit no. 1 of the belarusi tenders
1467617210123 23-Jan-2021 09-Feb-2021 "supply of a warning system and components for it for the construction of power unit no. 1 of the tenders
420417210122 22-Jan-2021 09-Feb-2021 dental material (dental liquid "belsol" 2; dental material cemion universal; dental pins, paper; c auction

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