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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
1338616141028 28-Oct-2014 30-Sep-2021 call for exprebions of interest list of individual external experts to abist the european commibio tenders
974716210407 07-Apr-2021 13-Sep-2021 construction of a shared sterilization platform for chu / slbo hospitals tenders
21917210405 05-Apr-2021 05-Jul-2021 bellevue plateau: conception, realization and promotion of a sustainable neighborhood tenders
27317210405 05-Apr-2021 01-Jul-2021 hotel, restaurant and retail trade services tenders
16817210405 05-Apr-2021 30-Jun-2021 purchase of recording bracelets as part of the bits project tenders
277117210407 07-Apr-2021 30-Jun-2021 construction work for multi-dwelling buildings and individual houses corrigendum
17617210405 05-Apr-2021 29-Jun-2021 call for application to participate in selection phase dbfm project sint-michiel roeselare campus tenders
1872917210326 26-Mar-2021 29-Jun-2021 architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services tenders
1872117210326 26-Mar-2021 29-Jun-2021 multiannual framework agreement for supplies for the acquisition of electric pulse projectiles for tenders
419117210415 15-Apr-2021 18-Jun-2021 special specifications relating to the concession of management services of the domaine du fournea corrigendum
536117210415 15-Apr-2021 17-Jun-2021 multiple framework agreement for the provision of information and communication campaigns tenders
775316210330 30-Mar-2021 15-Jun-2021 garments for anti-ballistic protection corrigendum
145917210320 20-Mar-2021 14-Jun-2021 repair and maintenance of public conveniences tenders
774516210330 30-Mar-2021 11-Jun-2021 framework agreement for the provision of services and equipment in the field of audiovisual and co tenders
11117210405 05-Apr-2021 10-Jun-2021 upgrading the metrology capacities tenders
79017210320 20-Mar-2021 10-Jun-2021 modernizing schools with science laboratories - secondary education + vet schools tenders
710716210409 09-Apr-2021 07-Jun-2021 delivery, commissioning and maintenance of a digital mammography machine with tomosynthesis, three tenders
24517210331 31-Mar-2021 07-Jun-2021 construction of a proton therapy center - works tenders
27217210405 05-Apr-2021 04-Jun-2021 advertising management services corrigendum
146117210320 20-Mar-2021 04-Jun-2021 l`exploitation commerciale de the activite publicitaire sur le domaine de la sncb tenders

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