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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
152817210904 04-Sep-2021 31-Jan-2022 supply of emergency response suits for firefighters for various public services corrigendum
820816210921 21-Sep-2021 21-Dec-2021 concession of works for the design, construction, renovation, financing, maintenance, management a tenders
269617211012 12-Oct-2021 14-Dec-2021 computer equipment and supplies tenders
1304516211016 16-Oct-2021 10-Dec-2021 service concession for the designation of a promoter for a wind farm in the territory of the munic tenders
1291016211019 19-Oct-2021 06-Dec-2021 reconstruction of the psychiatric clinic of the fort de soignes on the site located chaussee de na tenders
817016211020 20-Oct-2021 03-Dec-2021 advertising management services tenders
1290816211019 19-Oct-2021 03-Dec-2021 study to assess scientific, technical, regulatory and economic considerations regarding flexible e tenders
1301816211016 16-Oct-2021 03-Dec-2021 framework agreement: printing on paper for bruxelles environnement tenders
10017210929 29-Sep-2021 02-Dec-2021 architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services tenders
1291416211019 19-Oct-2021 01-Dec-2021 building alteration work corrigendum
1301416211016 16-Oct-2021 01-Dec-2021 payroll management services tenders
487617211015 16-Oct-2021 01-Dec-2021 teknisk sekretariat til platforms for brand information exchange (fiep fire information exchange p tenders
1320217211012 12-Oct-2021 01-Dec-2021 planting and maintenance services of green areas tenders
1376016211008 08-Oct-2021 01-Dec-2021 works contract, oriented towards the exemplary nature, aiming at the renovation of the ground and tenders
1267817211012 12-Oct-2021 30-Nov-2021 call for participation - city hall of the future: architecture assignment, interior architecture, tenders
647016211014 14-Oct-2021 30-Nov-2021 provision of scientific, technical and secretarial assistance in the field of scientific customs tenders
1291816211019 19-Oct-2021 30-Nov-2021 industrial machinery tenders
1344916210730 30-Jul-2021 30-Nov-2021 security, fire-fighting, police and defense equipment tenders
1187416211005 05-Oct-2021 30-Nov-2021 complete renovation of 9 buildings tenders
2723617211004 04-Oct-2021 29-Nov-2021 framework agreement for service contracts in urban agriculture tenders

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