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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
853116210618 18-Jun-2021 13-Sep-2021 purchase and delivery of food (lot 1), water (lot 2) and consumables (lot 3) to the butmir camp, s tenders
709052210607 07-Jun-2021 24-Aug-2021 facilitation of academic exchange between higher education institutions in bosnia and herzegovina tenders
162617210515 15-May-2021 19-Jul-2021 building construction work tenders
694052210619 19-Jun-2021 15-Jul-2021 energy efficiency project-procurement of contractors for the implementation of energy efficiency me tenders
431051210618 18-Jun-2021 08-Jul-2021 expenditure on clothing, uniforms and linen tenders
865052210617 17-Jun-2021 30-Jun-2021 mechanical works on ee reconstruction of the building of faculty of architecture/civil engineering tenders
863052210617 17-Jun-2021 30-Jun-2021 development of sustainable energy and climate action plan (secap) for city of mostar tenders
841052210617 17-Jun-2021 30-Jun-2021 public calls application and evaluation system tenders
542051210610 10-Jun-2021 30-Jun-2021 rehabilitation of scada system in zenica c4 tenders
599052210602 03-Jun-2021 30-Jun-2021 energy efficiency project, procurement of contractors for the implementation of energy efficiency m tenders
898052210607 08-Jun-2021 30-Jun-2021 communication support to the rollout of the platform and the implementation of go gr tenders
617052210602 03-Jun-2021 28-Jun-2021 energy efficiency project (procurement of the contractor for the implementation of energy efficienc tenders
846717210605 05-Jun-2021 28-Jun-2021 computer equipment and supplies corrigendum
357052210610 10-Jun-2021 28-Jun-2021 real estate registration project-replacement / establishment on new survey data within additional f tenders
330051210614 14-Jun-2021 25-Jun-2021 supply and delivery of portable ultrasound machines tenders
213052210612 12-Jun-2021 25-Jun-2021 public calls application and evaluation system tenders
535052210611 11-Jun-2021 25-Jun-2021 portable ultrasound machines tenders
460051210618 18-Jun-2021 25-Jun-2021 procurement of beverages and groceries for the coffee kitchen tenders
668052210602 03-Jun-2021 25-Jun-2021 environmental information system tenders
175051210602 02-Jun-2021 25-Jun-2021 development of environmental information system tenders

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