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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
435051210828 28-Aug-2021 20-Sep-2022 procurement for maintenance of weapons and weapons systems services tenders
650052210828 28-Aug-2021 31-Dec-2021 prequalify, procurement, delivery and installation of certified pellet furnaces/boilers and heat pu tenders
704416210910 10-Sep-2021 12-Nov-2021 supplies support to veterinary and phytosanitary sectors in bosnia and herzegovina tenders
494052210914 14-Sep-2021 19-Oct-2021 eu4justice phase ii - support to judicial professionalism (or: accountability) and the fight agains tenders
343617210703 03-Jul-2021 18-Oct-2021 staffing of the jet fuel distribution point at eufor headquarters, butmir camp tenders
343517210703 03-Jul-2021 12-Oct-2021 purchase and delivery of lot 1 - material for carpentry work and / or lot 2 - material for work wi tenders
343417210703 03-Jul-2021 11-Oct-2021 general cleaning supplies and / or lot 2 - canteen deliveries and / or lot 3 - laundry deliveries tenders
246051210918 18-Sep-2021 08-Oct-2021 institutional consultancy to develop the investment cases for children in bosnia and herzegovina tenders
343717210703 03-Jul-2021 08-Oct-2021 fuel supply at butmir camp and sarajevo international airport, bosnia and herzegovina tenders
406052210908 08-Sep-2021 04-Oct-2021 bosnia and herzegovina emergency covid-19 project tenders
768052210907 07-Sep-2021 04-Oct-2021 rehabilitation of facilities within administration zone tenders
356052210907 07-Sep-2021 04-Oct-2021 real estate registration project, procurement of geodetic equipment for cadastral offices in the fe tenders
352052210907 07-Sep-2021 04-Oct-2021 real estate registration project, execution of works (no retraining) tenders
372051210907 07-Sep-2021 04-Oct-2021 works on kula facility in mrkonjic grad bih tenders
751052210917 17-Sep-2021 30-Sep-2021 for review of the internal control environment in local and cantonal governments tenders
693052210917 17-Sep-2021 30-Sep-2021 supply of various type of ammunition tenders
805052210917 17-Sep-2021 29-Sep-2021 public call for project proposals to support the implementation of initiatives and projects defined tenders
269051210901 01-Sep-2021 28-Sep-2021 procurement of ammunition and artifices tenders
367051210901 01-Sep-2021 27-Sep-2021 supply and installation of led public street lighting in the city of banja luka tenders
361051210901 01-Sep-2021 27-Sep-2021 civil works-ee reconstruction of primary school avdo smajlovic in sarajevo tenders

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