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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
1374316211008 08-Oct-2021 31-Dec-2021 supply of personal protective equipment, protective clothing and other fire-fighting equipment and tenders
1231816211019 19-Oct-2021 20-Dec-2021 construction of a new traction substation ruse, inclusion in the system for remote control and tel tenders
1252816211020 20-Oct-2021 07-Dec-2021 supply of hardware and analytical software, installation and implementation of analytical software tenders
803916211019 19-Oct-2021 26-Nov-2021 supply of vertical fusedisconnectors and vertical lv disconnector, with threepole control , ref. n tenders
1609416211008 08-Oct-2021 26-Nov-2021 implementation of construction supervision and functions of fidik engineer for site: design and co tenders
1298616211016 16-Oct-2021 24-Nov-2021 delivery of steel flanged fittings with electric drive for installation for water treatment to spr tenders
803816211019 19-Oct-2021 24-Nov-2021 delivery of a stationary stand for testing and adjustment of electric drives of electrical fitting tenders
1254216211020 20-Oct-2021 23-Nov-2021 equipment of a repository for physical evidence in the odmi haskovo, financed by the norwegian fin tenders
1253916211020 20-Oct-2021 22-Nov-2021 delivery, installation and commissioning of sterilizers tenders
1253816211020 20-Oct-2021 22-Nov-2021 specialist vehicles tenders
743616211020 20-Oct-2021 22-Nov-2021 provision of postal and courier services for executive bodies and their administrations tenders
1232716211019 19-Oct-2021 22-Nov-2021 supply of active net low voltage electricity for the needs of the ministry of youth and sports tenders
1232316211019 19-Oct-2021 22-Nov-2021 delivery, installation and balance of tires and rims for cars and vans, managed by tp sfe zvezdets tenders
550516211018 18-Oct-2021 22-Nov-2021 delivery and installation of air conditioners for sites of the catering department tenders
560216211018 18-Oct-2021 22-Nov-2021 engineering, including design and reconstruction of an existing cinema hall located in a building tenders
891616211018 18-Oct-2021 22-Nov-2021 miscellaneous business and business-related service tenders
891516211018 18-Oct-2021 22-Nov-2021 delivery of pipes for the needs of vik eood, stara zagora corrigendum
1298216211016 16-Oct-2021 22-Nov-2021 construction of a sanitary access complex in order to divide the flows into and out of kz-2 tenders
1296216211016 16-Oct-2021 22-Nov-2021 development and implementation of the institutional architecture of the am in relation to the iss tenders
891316211018 18-Oct-2021 19-Nov-2021 modernization of rotating filter grids from the 5.6va danube water purification systems in cps 3 a tenders

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