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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
1364016210301 01-Mar-2021 30-Aug-2021 occupational clothing, special workwear and accessories tenders
978517210406 06-Apr-2021 02-Aug-2021 road bridge construction work corrigendum
1643117210403 03-Apr-2021 27-Jul-2021 architectural design services tenders
1383316210413 13-Apr-2021 27-Jul-2021 framework agreement - hunting clothing 2021-2024 tenders
1241817210322 22-Mar-2021 13-Jul-2021 revitalization of the premises of the former mayer factory in dvr kralove nad labem tenders
1121516210324 24-Mar-2021 08-Jul-2021 reconstruction of the sommes of the liben bridge, prague 7 and 8 corrigendum
1455417210310 10-Mar-2021 08-Jul-2021 high performance liquid chromatograph with mass spectrometer (uhplc-hrms) tenders
1239417210322 22-Mar-2021 07-Jul-2021 i/36 pardubice, trnova - fablovka - dubina corrigendum
1695517210409 09-Apr-2021 01-Jul-2021 special clothing and accessories tenders
2464717210317 17-Mar-2021 30-Jun-2021 architectural and artistic open one-phase project competition for the design water feature on domi tenders
2887517210319 19-Mar-2021 28-Jun-2021 reconstruction of the sommes of the liben bridge, prague 7 and 8 corrigendum
855416210222 22-Feb-2021 18-Jun-2021 road bridge construction work corrigendum
1941917210326 26-Mar-2021 17-Jun-2021 construction work: d1 0136 ikovice-perov corrigendum
1620517210403 03-Apr-2021 17-Jun-2021 ankle boots 2012, shoes repre. hs and vkpr tenders
1386316210413 13-Apr-2021 15-Jun-2021 recreational, cultural and sporting services tenders
2122317210217 17-Feb-2021 10-Jun-2021 road bridge construction work corrigendum
1384816210413 13-Apr-2021 09-Jun-2021 fire automotive carrier s2 containers with hydraulic loading crane corrigendum
1641317210403 03-Apr-2021 08-Jun-2021 quilted textile products tenders
2516217210210 10-Feb-2021 05-Jun-2021 road bridge construction work corrigendum
324217210313 13-Mar-2021 02-Jun-2021 new construction of a four-lane directionally divided highway, category d26, 5/120, 10.10 km long. corrigendum

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