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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
1243816211020 20-Oct-2021 06-Dec-2021 brno, sportovni - reconstruction of sewerage, i. stage tenders
593516211018 18-Oct-2021 02-Dec-2021 vd harcov, ensuring safety during floods tenders
819316211005 05-Oct-2021 02-Dec-2021 repair, maintenance and associated services related to railways and other equipment tenders
858116211001 01-Oct-2021 01-Dec-2021 construction work for highways tenders
798616211019 19-Oct-2021 01-Dec-2021 energy , i. q small consumption tenders
798516211019 19-Oct-2021 01-Dec-2021 energy , i. q bulk consumption tenders
609116211018 18-Oct-2021 01-Dec-2021 sports shoes corrigendum
2296717211012 12-Oct-2021 01-Dec-2021 medical consumables corrigendum
1293516211016 16-Oct-2021 01-Dec-2021 construction work for buildings relating to railway transport corrigendum
1291016211016 16-Oct-2021 30-Nov-2021 modernization of uur websites and web applications, including their mutual integration links tenders
747516211020 20-Oct-2021 30-Nov-2021 ensuring the operation and development of the esf is corrigendum
608316211018 18-Oct-2021 29-Nov-2021 snen emissions at metso czech republic, s.r.o. perov plant stage corrigendum
607016211018 18-Oct-2021 29-Nov-2021 generator . kva pcs and generator kva pcs tenders
858816211001 01-Oct-2021 29-Nov-2021 auto container carrier 5 t 4 2 tenders
593316210908 08-Sep-2021 29-Nov-2021 architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services tenders
262917211012 12-Oct-2021 29-Nov-2021 supply of tactical vests corrigendum
1477416211013 13-Oct-2021 26-Nov-2021 legal services for ceske drahy, a.s. tenders
948716211006 06-Oct-2021 26-Nov-2021 single-purpose sports facilities construction work corrigendum
2902717210924 24-Sep-2021 26-Nov-2021 architectural, construction, engineering and inspection services tenders
802416210917 17-Sep-2021 26-Nov-2021 road bridge construction work corrigendum

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