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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
1261617210119 19-Jan-2021 30-Apr-2021 construction work for buildings relating to leisure, sports, culture, lodging and restaurants corrigendum
1359417210120 20-Jan-2021 08-Mar-2021 construction work for school buildings tenders
855917210108 08-Jan-2021 08-Mar-2021 emergency armor simulator tenders
726916201205 05-Dec-2020 05-Mar-2021 parnu central square and pika street public space architectural competition tenders
112617201212 12-Dec-2020 05-Mar-2021 parnu central square and pika street public space architectural competition corrigendum
651616210119 19-Jan-2021 04-Mar-2021 surface work in hiiu, west, parnu, saare and viljandi counties 2021 tenders
1488717210120 20-Jan-2021 01-Mar-2021 ordering a good order service to the objects of rahukohtu, tallinn 1.7.2021-30.6.2024 tenders
694816210118 18-Jan-2021 25-Feb-2021 ordering good order and maintenance services to border crossing points in the southern region 1.7. tenders
644517201231 31-Dec-2020 25-Feb-2021 plasma apheresis equipment with maintenance, supplies and reagents. tenders
311118210116 16-Jan-2021 23-Feb-2021 purchase of shoes tenders
1359517210120 20-Jan-2021 23-Feb-2021 spectra optia automatic blood separator accessories tenders
1359317210120 20-Jan-2021 22-Feb-2021 cleaning services tenders
300917210123 23-Jan-2021 22-Feb-2021 digitisation of archival materials in tallinn tenders
300717210123 23-Jan-2021 22-Feb-2021 vascular prostheses and endoprostheses tenders
712716210122 22-Jan-2021 22-Feb-2021 framework procurement of laboratory services tenders
712016210122 22-Jan-2021 22-Feb-2021 intravascular body temperature control accessories tenders
1488917210120 20-Jan-2021 22-Feb-2021 ordering a good order service for 24 sites in the north region from 1.7.2021-30.6.2024 tenders
695116210118 18-Jan-2021 22-Feb-2021 repair, maintenance and associated services related to roads and other equipment tenders
711916210122 22-Jan-2021 19-Feb-2021 purchase of furnishings for lasnamae elementary school tenders
712816210122 22-Jan-2021 19-Feb-2021 owner supervision of land improvement systems and road construction works 2021-2022 tenders

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