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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
1615216220422 22-Apr-2022 19-Aug-2022 urban planning and landscape architectural services tenders
162817220507 07-May-2022 05-Jul-2022 construction works of the passenger terminal, its vicinity and railway infrastructure in the area corrigendum
3081516220520 20-May-2022 01-Jul-2022 lease and purchase of microsoft licenses for tallinn educational institutions corrigendum
2908217220517 17-May-2022 30-Jun-2022 rental of a research vessel for acoustic research of fish stocks in the gulf of riga and the north tenders
292217220517 17-May-2022 27-Jun-2022 carrying out maintenance and repair of roads, facilities and road parts necessary for the operatio tenders
3081116220520 20-May-2022 27-Jun-2022 dynamic procurement system for software development and development resources tenders
947317220502 02-May-2022 27-Jun-2022 ordering a radioactive contaminated metal waste management service corrigendum
1422816220521 21-May-2022 22-Jun-2022 acquisition of national vehicle registration plates tenders
1422716220521 21-May-2022 22-Jun-2022 electricity distribution and control apparatus tenders
3081616220520 20-May-2022 22-Jun-2022 architectural services for buildings tenders
285317220503 03-May-2022 21-Jun-2022 architectural competition for the buildings of the estonian plant breeding institute seed 10a and tenders
162717220507 07-May-2022 20-Jun-2022 ordering design and construction works for taltech buildings on the basis of a framework agreement tenders
1422916220521 21-May-2022 20-Jun-2022 purchase of kardla basic school furniture tenders
3488116220520 20-May-2022 20-Jun-2022 catering service for parnu schools tenders
3487816220520 20-May-2022 20-Jun-2022 preparation of the ground with a disc plow in the southwestern region tenders
3081916220520 20-May-2022 20-Jun-2022 ordering maintenance services for objects in the northern region (2022) tenders
3488316220520 20-May-2022 20-Jun-2022 surveillance and security systems and devices corrigendum
3081016220520 20-May-2022 20-Jun-2022 obtaining a waf security solution tenders
3501716220518 18-May-2022 20-Jun-2022 ordering repairs and maintenance of plastic composite hulls and pontoons for watercraft tenders
3501616220518 18-May-2022 20-Jun-2022 purchase of maintenance and repair service and renewal for magnetic resonance imaging tenders

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