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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
2043716220805 05-Aug-2022 06-Sep-2022 spare parts for mercedes-benz trucks and suvs tenders
2043616220805 05-Aug-2022 06-Sep-2022 spare parts for daf type trucks tenders
2006216220805 05-Aug-2022 06-Sep-2022 buying a network device tenders
590516220702 02-Jul-2022 06-Sep-2022 purchase of uniforms for officials at tallinn prison, tartu prison and viru prison corrigendum
1347016220607 07-Jun-2022 05-Sep-2022 development and implementation of the estonian civil service senior management development program tenders
2006116220805 05-Aug-2022 05-Sep-2022 network components tenders
2043516220805 05-Aug-2022 05-Sep-2022 printed books, brochures and leaflets tenders
2005816220805 05-Aug-2022 05-Sep-2022 purchase and repair of spare parts for automatic weather stations (environmental agency) tenders
344817220802 02-Aug-2022 05-Sep-2022 purchase of hemodialysis dialyzers tenders
891017220806 06-Aug-2022 05-Sep-2022 software programming and consultancy services tenders
2879816220805 05-Aug-2022 05-Sep-2022 tallinn card city guide mobile application development and maintenance service tenders
2043816220805 05-Aug-2022 05-Sep-2022 medical consumables tenders
890217220806 06-Aug-2022 05-Sep-2022 solution for digital identities and access management in the administrative area of the ministry o tenders
2880116220805 05-Aug-2022 05-Sep-2022 repair, maintenance and associated services related to roads and other equipment tenders
2880016220805 05-Aug-2022 05-Sep-2022 maintenance of green areas of rapla municipality 2023-2026 tenders
892217220806 06-Aug-2022 05-Sep-2022 sewage tankers tenders
2195217220808 08-Aug-2022 05-Sep-2022 ordering travel management services and related services tenders
1235616220801 01-Aug-2022 05-Sep-2022 development works of the learning information system tavel tenders
169917220721 21-Jul-2022 05-Sep-2022 construction works for the building of the red hat building tenders
2352816220729 29-Jul-2022 02-Sep-2022 development of the information system necessary for the aggregation, use and creation of digital l tenders

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