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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
1949416220714 14-Jul-2022 26-Aug-2022 architectural, engineering and planning services corrigendum
1510516220725 25-Jul-2022 26-Aug-2022 preparation of the special national planning of the permanent connection of the great strait, the tenders
2633316220726 26-Jul-2022 26-Aug-2022 vehicle digital registration photo system tenders
2352216220729 29-Jul-2022 26-Aug-2022 dressings; clip, suture, ligature supplies tenders
2352516220729 29-Jul-2022 26-Aug-2022 electric energy tenders
2352416220729 29-Jul-2022 26-Aug-2022 buying dental equipment tenders
3488116220803 03-Aug-2022 26-Aug-2022 property management services of real estate on a fee or contract basis tenders
2352116220729 29-Jul-2022 25-Aug-2022 reagents and contrast media tenders
344617220802 02-Aug-2022 25-Aug-2022 construction of the rail baltica road viaduct located on national road no. 20131 seli-koigi-alu corrigendum
1973716220727 27-Jul-2022 25-Aug-2022 buying hearing aids tenders
1611416220722 22-Jul-2022 25-Aug-2022 buying furniture for kindergarten bell tenders
1611316220722 22-Jul-2022 24-Aug-2022 implementation of the mobility service to connect public and private transport between tallinn and tenders
1611216220722 22-Jul-2022 24-Aug-2022 purchase of electricity tenders
1611116220722 22-Jul-2022 24-Aug-2022 polythene waste and refuse sacks and bags tenders
2633516220726 26-Jul-2022 24-Aug-2022 ordering an interior cleaning service for the buildings of the v district of the university of tar tenders
2931116220727 27-Jul-2022 24-Aug-2022 ordering maintenance and consumables for the abi3730xl and abi3130xl dna sequencers tenders
2632816220726 26-Jul-2022 24-Aug-2022 purchase of reagents for laboratory research tenders
2005916220805 05-Aug-2022 24-Aug-2022 urodynamics device and consumables tenders
541417220719 19-Jul-2022 24-Aug-2022 information system for the processing of legal acts tenders
2832516220720 20-Jul-2022 23-Aug-2022 canteen and catering services tenders

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