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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
927717211220 20-Dec-2021 31-Dec-2025 restaurant services tenders
927617211220 20-Dec-2021 31-Dec-2025 it consulting tenders
924817211220 20-Dec-2021 31-Dec-2025 cleaning services tenders
925117211220 20-Dec-2021 31-Dec-2025 consumer and professional electronics equipment and presentation technology tenders
923917211220 20-Dec-2021 31-Dec-2025 security and lobby services tenders
924217211220 20-Dec-2021 31-Dec-2025 speech therapy services tenders
923617211220 20-Dec-2021 31-Dec-2025 business user services tenders
917217211220 20-Dec-2021 31-Dec-2025 collection center shelving systems and related services tenders
917117211220 20-Dec-2021 31-Dec-2025 dynamic procurement system for cleaning machines and equipment (dps) tenders
916517211220 20-Dec-2021 31-Dec-2025 anesthesia and intensive care supplies tenders
920117211220 20-Dec-2021 31-Dec-2025 dynamic sourcing system for the procurement of processor-controlled prostheses tenders
916117211220 20-Dec-2021 31-Dec-2025 printing and peripherals with accessories tenders
915017211220 20-Dec-2021 31-Dec-2025 request to participate: public procurement consultancy and tendering services tenders
919517211220 20-Dec-2021 31-Dec-2025 personnel hiring in the sote sector tenders
1494716211013 13-Oct-2021 31-Dec-2025 medical practice and related services tenders
926617211220 20-Dec-2021 22-Dec-2025 machinery and transport services tenders
926917211220 20-Dec-2021 17-Dec-2025 soil sampling and installation of observation tubes in finland tenders
915817211220 20-Dec-2021 14-Dec-2025 kindergarten and school furniture tenders
908917211220 20-Dec-2021 02-Dec-2025 strategy and business consulting tenders
919417211220 20-Dec-2021 11-Nov-2025 business furniture tenders

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