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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
870716170908 08-Sep-2017 31-Dec-2021 development and/or demonstration of space assets innovative mission management solution, including tenders
19917210614 14-Jun-2021 31-Dec-2021 subscription and assistance to schneider electric plc function software suite tenders
360051210603 03-Jun-2021 31-Dec-2021 communication and production - roster for individual consultants tenders
362051210603 03-Jun-2021 31-Dec-2021 research data - roster for individual consultants tenders
709516210910 10-Sep-2021 09-Dec-2021 interventional coronary and renal cardiology - 2022 corrigendum
1558017210918 18-Sep-2021 08-Dec-2021 realization of medical fluids for the upgrading of primary listed inserts of the valenciennes hosp tenders
1837317210906 06-Sep-2021 03-Dec-2021 supporting services for the government tenders
540317210904 04-Sep-2021 03-Dec-2021 national poultry traceability database called delegated poultry base (adb) tenders
519316210903 03-Sep-2021 02-Dec-2021 telecommunications-infrastructure maintenance services tenders
846216210901 01-Sep-2021 30-Nov-2021 multi-site development concession for the coordinated implementation of the vichy lac zac and the tenders
1095417210819 19-Aug-2021 30-Nov-2021 study and shielding work of the ercf of the izos installation tenders
19217210614 14-Jun-2021 30-Nov-2021 concession for the management and operation of the coastal refuge of the domaine de sainte lucie tenders
404117210522 22-May-2021 30-Nov-2021 concession for the management and exploitation of the coastal refuge of the domain of saint lucia tenders
510416210827 27-Aug-2021 29-Nov-2021 works concession relating to the renovation and operation of the establishment called le pre catel tenders
19117210614 14-Jun-2021 25-Nov-2021 the purpose of this consultation is to supply the member establishments of the ght10 basm with ste tenders
922316210402 02-Apr-2021 25-Nov-2021 angioplasty supplies tenders
1234416210728 28-Jul-2021 22-Nov-2021 public service delegation for the operation of event and sporting equipment: co`met, zenith, aire tenders
159317210911 11-Sep-2021 22-Nov-2021 concession of the public sanitation service tenders
1309017210913 13-Sep-2021 19-Nov-2021 research on the mental health of inmates, prevalence of mental disorders, evaluation during lincar tenders
1101817210918 18-Sep-2021 16-Nov-2021 subscription of insurance contracts for the benefit of the public administrative establishment (e. tenders

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