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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
40218201123 23-Nov-2020 28-Jan-2021 dressings; clip, suture, ligature supplies tenders
956416201128 28-Nov-2020 25-Jan-2021 net real estate for rent tenders
956316201128 28-Nov-2020 25-Jan-2021 net roof demolition of the entire property, leaving the torn and intact slabs tenders
1052616201125 25-Nov-2020 22-Jan-2021 purchase of pneumatic air brake fittings tenders
610816201127 27-Nov-2020 21-Jan-2021 works during the further construction of eli tenders
820718201123 23-Nov-2020 21-Jan-2021 haemodynamic equipment transport ii. tenders
1102616201125 25-Nov-2020 20-Jan-2021 purchase of disc brake inserts for buses tenders
1102916201125 25-Nov-2020 19-Jan-2021 purchase of mtu diesel engine parts tenders
1052516201125 25-Nov-2020 19-Jan-2021 van hool for buses transporting government parts tenders
385051201125 25-Nov-2020 19-Jan-2021 provision of visual and laboratory testing services on the latrine slab samples tenders
748018201124 24-Nov-2020 18-Jan-2021 development of the nfi site in fot tenders
1102516201125 25-Nov-2020 18-Jan-2021 rubber wheel mass. obtaining a brake drum for a vehicle tenders
1101916201125 25-Nov-2020 18-Jan-2021 skoda-solaris trollino trolley door parts besz. tenders
1101816201125 25-Nov-2020 15-Jan-2021 transport of solaris trolleybus body elements tenders
1102416201125 25-Nov-2020 15-Jan-2021 engineering design services tenders
609516201127 27-Nov-2020 15-Jan-2021 3d laser scanner system tenders
820818201123 23-Nov-2020 14-Jan-2021 passenger car rental and fleet management tenders
40918201123 23-Nov-2020 14-Jan-2021 ct scanners tenders
40118201123 23-Nov-2020 14-Jan-2021 transport of haemodynamic devices i. tenders
910718201123 23-Nov-2020 13-Jan-2021 tsar, airport,,a and,,b. remediation tenders

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