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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
229617220625 25-Jun-2022 15-Sep-2022 open procedure for the conclusion of a framework agreement for the assignment of the financial ins tenders
1984816220622 22-Jun-2022 15-Sep-2022 implementation of efsa`s roadmap for new approach methodologies (nam) through the accumulation of tenders
3401516220614 14-Jun-2022 15-Sep-2022 towards next generation risk assessment tenders
696516220629 29-Jun-2022 15-Sep-2022 design competition for the redevelopment of the area of the business center of the tuscany region tenders
3851916220617 17-Jun-2022 14-Sep-2022 facilities management services for computer systems maintenance corrigendum
2286516220624 24-Jun-2022 14-Sep-2022 diagnostic systems tenders
3141316220614 14-Jun-2022 14-Sep-2022 facilities management services for computer systems maintenance tenders
3851716220617 17-Jun-2022 13-Sep-2022 construction work for pipelines, communication and power lines, for highways, roads, airfields and tenders
3852216220617 17-Jun-2022 13-Sep-2022 urban waste transport services performed with roll-off vehicles, loader vehicles, in the municipal tenders
3242416220523 23-May-2022 13-Sep-2022 maintenance service on 37 mitsubishi driver racks, fueled by diesel, equipped with tank, bin and b tenders
1669016220629 29-Jun-2022 13-Sep-2022 collection agency services tenders
1842616220629 29-Jun-2022 12-Sep-2022 consolidation and recharging works of the outer dam mantle, strengthening and upgrading of the hea tenders
3852016220617 17-Jun-2022 12-Sep-2022 locomotives corrigendum
2813816220620 20-Jun-2022 12-Sep-2022 supply in service, lasting three years, of a diagnostic system and reagents for advanced endocrino corrigendum
2061116220628 28-Jun-2022 12-Sep-2022 supply of operational uniforms complete with accessories for the staff of the agency with operatio corrigendum
228517220625 25-Jun-2022 09-Sep-2022 open telematic procedure for the award of professional liability insurance contract tenders
1730917220627 27-Jun-2022 08-Sep-2022 purchase for the supply of various material for railway rolling stock (electrical and electromecha tenders
2061416220628 28-Jun-2022 06-Sep-2022 restoration work tenders
918916220618 18-Jun-2022 06-Sep-2022 rental and washing service for work clothes and p.p.e. tenders
757916220616 16-Jun-2022 06-Sep-2022 security, security and control services at the guglielmo marconi airport in bologna tenders

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