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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
3851416220617 17-Jun-2022 05-Sep-2022 cargo handling services tenders
2814616220620 20-Jun-2022 05-Sep-2022 contract of unarmed security and concierge services tenders
916716220618 18-Jun-2022 05-Sep-2022 supply of medical safety devices for handling cytostatic drugs tenders
2287516220624 24-Jun-2022 05-Sep-2022 supply of clothing and accessories for the state police tenders
1985016220622 22-Jun-2022 05-Sep-2022 provision of innovative and eco-friendly furniture for meeting rooms and offices tenders
1984916220622 22-Jun-2022 05-Sep-2022 supervisory and monitoring data for future needs for chemical risk assessment in efsa: exploring n tenders
3869116220610 10-Jun-2022 05-Sep-2022 global service services tenders
2046316220531 31-May-2022 05-Sep-2022 building construction work corrigendum
3308616220527 27-May-2022 02-Sep-2022 parts of railway or tramway locomotives or rolling stock; railways traffic-control equipment tenders
229817220625 25-Jun-2022 02-Sep-2022 executive design, with work management option and safety coordination during execution for the con tenders
1085116220628 28-Jun-2022 02-Sep-2022 engineering design services for the construction of civil engineering works corrigendum
1841116220629 29-Jun-2022 02-Sep-2022 industrial kitchen equipment tenders
918516220618 18-Jun-2022 01-Sep-2022 rat-disinfestation services tenders
3849816220617 17-Jun-2022 01-Sep-2022 creation of a modal exchange structure for bus terminals with the iron mobility system - fontanaro tenders
643216220608 08-Jun-2022 01-Sep-2022 further development and updating of the oft database: oft 3.0 tenders
2732616220610 10-Jun-2022 31-Aug-2022 open procedure, entirely managed electronically, for the supply of n. 44 trucks for the armament s corrigendum
3144416220614 14-Jun-2022 31-Aug-2022 restructuring work corrigendum
3816316220617 17-Jun-2022 31-Aug-2022 biomedical equipment rental service for assisted surgery. tenders
512317220615 15-Jun-2022 31-Aug-2022 provision of cleaning, porterage and custodial services to nato sto centre for maritime research a tenders
227417220625 25-Jun-2022 31-Aug-2022 conclusion of a two-year framework agreement for the assignment of the management services of rece tenders

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