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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
710016210913 13-Sep-2021 22-Dec-2021 creation of an artistically high-quality environmental object emeru annia promoting the cultural a tenders
1387717210914 14-Sep-2021 02-Dec-2021 jacket, pants, summer hat (kias-mod1), cloth battle uniforms kft-wlpt, cloth battle uniforms kft-l tenders
527716210917 17-Sep-2021 02-Nov-2021 purchase of distribution transformers tenders
832017210914 14-Sep-2021 29-Oct-2021 maintenance of riga city municipal resource management system acto erp corrigendum
797716210917 17-Sep-2021 22-Oct-2021 delivery of treprostinil 5 mg / ml solution for infusion tenders
797316210917 17-Sep-2021 21-Oct-2021 delivery of firewood, wood pellets and chips for the needs of balvi municipality tenders
798316210917 17-Sep-2021 21-Oct-2021 peritoneal dialysis treatments tenders
797916210917 17-Sep-2021 21-Oct-2021 purchase of furniture (for two years) tenders
1387917210914 14-Sep-2021 21-Oct-2021 purchase of electricity tenders
956616210720 20-Jul-2021 21-Oct-2021 military uniforms corrigendum
797516210917 17-Sep-2021 20-Oct-2021 delivery of a two-detector gamma camera spect / ct system tenders
797416210917 17-Sep-2021 19-Oct-2021 delivery of various food products to the structural units of rezekne city council tenders
797616210917 17-Sep-2021 19-Oct-2021 electricity supply for the needs of rezekne city council and its structural units tenders
797816210917 17-Sep-2021 19-Oct-2021 supply of medical devices for equipping intensive care beds for the needs of sia liepajas apgabala tenders
798416210917 17-Sep-2021 19-Oct-2021 delivery of school supplies to the most deprived persons tenders
140017210918 18-Sep-2021 19-Oct-2021 development and author supervision of traffic safety improvement construction projects (a2 km 12.4 tenders
139717210918 18-Sep-2021 19-Oct-2021 ensuring the operation of the unified e-health information system user support service tenders
993516210915 15-Sep-2021 19-Oct-2021 delivery and replacement of the city video surveillance camera solution tenders
1387517210914 14-Sep-2021 19-Oct-2021 purchase of a liquid chromatography system with a tandem mass spectrometric detector and an automa tenders
568816210915 15-Sep-2021 18-Oct-2021 construction works at the object indras, krustpils parish, krustpils region (1st stage) tenders

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