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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
821318201124 24-Nov-2020 01-Feb-2021 new building of pre-school educational institution on vidzeme highway 34a, 38a, garkalne tenders
111718201117 17-Nov-2020 22-Jan-2021 acquisition, conditionnement, transport of machines and equipments, conception and supervision of tenders
1110316201130 30-Nov-2020 18-Jan-2021 delivery and installation of thermal video surveillance cameras tenders
27118201126 26-Nov-2020 14-Jan-2021 hearing aid service for children 2021-2022. year tenders
1241216201130 30-Nov-2020 08-Jan-2021 development, implementation and delivery and installation of telemetry equipment based on wonderwa corrigendum
1113716201130 30-Nov-2020 07-Jan-2021 purchase of food products with delivery to latvian prisons, applying green public procurement crit tenders
27318201126 26-Nov-2020 05-Jan-2021 purchase and installation of watering rods for eight plant growing landfills in mezvidu tree nurse tenders
938716201127 27-Nov-2020 30-Dec-2020 creation and installation of interactive exhibition "kerbedzs: following engineering ideas" in luz tenders
1241116201130 30-Nov-2020 30-Dec-2020 repair and maintenance services of medical and surgical equipment tenders
1110216201130 30-Nov-2020 30-Dec-2020 purchase of fuel for the needs of the forest research station tenders
939216201127 27-Nov-2020 30-Dec-2020 supply of medical devices, equipment and equipment for the performance assessment laboratory tenders
1113816201130 30-Nov-2020 29-Dec-2020 delivery of a sound console set for the needs of riga art and media technical school tenders
1110416201130 30-Nov-2020 29-Dec-2020 delivery and installation of studio lights and installation equipment for the needs of riga art an tenders
938616201127 27-Nov-2020 29-Dec-2020 technical maintenance, repair and accessories of parenteral feeding mixture preparation equipment tenders
27218201126 26-Nov-2020 29-Dec-2020 delivery of food products to riga city educational institutions tenders
27718201126 26-Nov-2020 29-Dec-2020 delivery of food products to the branches tenders
821518201124 24-Nov-2020 29-Dec-2020 construction works zs 55th battalion base at jaunceltnes street 11, aizkraukle. tenders
532516201125 25-Nov-2020 28-Dec-2020 reconstruction of sewage pumping station in riga, daugavgrivas street 101 corrigendum
27618201126 26-Nov-2020 28-Dec-2020 purchase of electricity for the needs of ludza municipality institutions tenders
28118201126 26-Nov-2020 28-Dec-2020 renewal of "vasab long-term perspectives for territorial development of the baltic sea region tenders

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