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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
1873716220504 04-May-2022 01-Aug-2022 purchase of rain suits (jss-mod1) for the national armed forces tenders
2954117220408 08-Apr-2022 14-Jul-2022 purchase of uniform coats (men`s and women`s) tenders
3094216220520 20-May-2022 30-Jun-2022 truck delivery tenders
3093416220520 20-May-2022 28-Jun-2022 purchase of two telescopic loaders for mevidi and strenci nursery with repurchase of one used tele tenders
1432916220521 21-May-2022 27-Jun-2022 food, beverages, tobacco and related products tenders
2761617220517 17-May-2022 27-Jun-2022 public awareness campaign on sexual and reproductive health promotion tenders
2761817220517 17-May-2022 22-Jun-2022 electronic procurement system maintenance services tenders
3093716220520 20-May-2022 22-Jun-2022 supply of additional medical goods and materials for urology and proctology tenders
3093516220520 20-May-2022 22-Jun-2022 purchase of fuel for the needs of saulkrasti municipality institutions tenders
3511616220520 20-May-2022 22-Jun-2022 beach management in the administrative territory of jurmala state city tenders
1244217220516 16-May-2022 22-Jun-2022 public service buses tenders
532317220516 16-May-2022 21-Jun-2022 delivery and installation of online communication equipment for the regional methodological center tenders
870316220514 14-May-2022 21-Jun-2022 public service buses tenders
3094016220520 20-May-2022 21-Jun-2022 purchase of arched metal detectors tenders
3093916220520 20-May-2022 21-Jun-2022 delivery of food products to the institutions of dagda city and parish association of kraslava mun tenders
3093816220520 20-May-2022 21-Jun-2022 delivery of food products to kraslava district health and social services center dagda tenders
1432716220521 21-May-2022 21-Jun-2022 reconstruction of vidzeme hospital resuscitation department, ems and patient admission department tenders
3512116220520 20-May-2022 21-Jun-2022 carrying out daily maintenance of forest roads (shooting and mowing) in the west vidzeme region tenders
2528316220518 18-May-2022 21-Jun-2022 delivery of ultrasonic aspiration system tenders
521117220519 19-May-2022 21-Jun-2022 study on wholesale sales of mobile access connectivity, trends and issues related to new mobile te tenders

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