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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
839016210205 05-Feb-2021 14-Apr-2021 daily delivery of uniforms and articles (for three years) tenders
2297917210224 24-Feb-2021 30-Mar-2021 supply of technical aids for the laboratory for functional assessment tenders
4613017210223 23-Feb-2021 30-Mar-2021 purchase of fuel tenders
1051116210223 23-Feb-2021 30-Mar-2021 construction of production building at 1 rupniecbas street, valmiera corrigendum
999116210223 23-Feb-2021 30-Mar-2021 purchase of laboratory reagents, chemicals and materials for project no. tenders
844616210222 22-Feb-2021 30-Mar-2021 provision of mobile palliative care services tenders
999316210223 23-Feb-2021 29-Mar-2021 magnetic resonance imaging equipment corrigendum
2298617210224 24-Feb-2021 29-Mar-2021 delivery of chemical reactives, micropreparation dyes, minerals and accessories to the laboratory tenders
2316816210224 24-Feb-2021 29-Mar-2021 daily street and road maintenance works in cesis county tenders
1328317210225 25-Feb-2021 26-Mar-2021 delivery and installation of technological system in ogre central library tenders
2298217210224 24-Feb-2021 26-Mar-2021 radio, television, communication, telecommunication and related equipment tenders
999416210223 23-Feb-2021 26-Mar-2021 191212 class and 191210 waste disposal tenders
2298717210224 24-Feb-2021 26-Mar-2021 purchase of fuel for the needs of sia rgas mezi tenders
1051516210223 23-Feb-2021 26-Mar-2021 catering service and acquisition of canteen rental rights at krimud secondary school tenders
844916210222 22-Feb-2021 26-Mar-2021 dismantling of existing play equipment and delivery and installation of new play and sports equipm tenders
844816210222 22-Feb-2021 26-Mar-2021 delivery of hip and knee joint endoprostheses with tm technology tenders
845216210222 22-Feb-2021 25-Mar-2021 purchase of tools tenders
999216210223 23-Feb-2021 25-Mar-2021 medical equipments, pharmaceuticals and personal care products tenders
1050816210223 23-Feb-2021 25-Mar-2021 rsu mitc clinical simulation room equipment and equipment block - round 7 (medical devices and fur tenders
2298117210224 24-Feb-2021 25-Mar-2021 medical equipments, pharmaceuticals and personal care products tenders

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