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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
958716210407 07-Apr-2021 10-Jun-2021 teaching in active-working technical tenders
494051210409 09-Apr-2021 09-Jun-2021 metal structure and stretched canvas work tenders
252051210318 18-Mar-2021 04-Jun-2021 recovery of sewage sludge produced at luxembourg-beggen sewage treatment plant tenders
616616210201 01-Feb-2021 04-Jun-2021 european open procedure for the recovery of sewage sludge produced at the luxembourg-beggen wastew tenders
1018416210402 02-Apr-2021 03-Jun-2021 communication and marketing services for the trade and competitiveness program in morocco, tunisia tenders
992617210406 06-Apr-2021 02-Jun-2021 technical assistance to the skopje wastewater treatment plant project tenders
992317210406 06-Apr-2021 01-Jun-2021 submission on wood construction closed and covered for the purpose of the construction of the new tenders
467051210406 06-Apr-2021 01-Jun-2021 realization of metal construction, insulation and waterproofing, exterior wood - aluminum joinery a tenders
178051210403 03-Apr-2021 01-Jun-2021 cleaning services for lyce mathias adam premises at avenue de l`europe, l-4802 lamadelaine tenders
1020216210402 02-Apr-2021 01-Jun-2021 cleaning services tenders
194051210403 03-Apr-2021 31-May-2021 development of an ecological car park and removal of the existing backfill at the place called "wei tenders
227051210402 02-Apr-2021 31-May-2021 intercommunal syndicate for public hygiene of the canton of capellen tenders
216051210412 12-Apr-2021 25-May-2021 development, supply and assembly of a large thematic playground tenders
1695217210409 09-Apr-2021 25-May-2021 landscaping work for playgrounds tenders
481051210409 09-Apr-2021 21-May-2021 civil engineering work. the scope of the contract is described in the tender dossier. tenders
359051210406 06-Apr-2021 21-May-2021 securing and controlling access to the city center tenders
1014716210414 14-Apr-2021 20-May-2021 acquisition of articulated buses of the tice line 2021 tenders
193051210403 03-Apr-2021 19-May-2021 installation of traffic lights as part of the n10 machtum-ahn-httermillen turnaround with pc3, sect tenders
188051210403 03-Apr-2021 18-May-2021 supply of road diesel tenders
391051210406 06-Apr-2021 18-May-2021 construction of the remich fire and rescue center - clos couvert tenders

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