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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
2802916220315 15-Mar-2022 30-Sep-2022 expressions of interest for external experts in various audit fields tenders
884016220419 19-Apr-2022 15-Sep-2022 development, implementation and demonstration of a pipeline for processing references to the futur tenders
1972616220511 11-May-2022 10-Aug-2022 provision of maintenance services for facilities: multitechnical, several services and several loc corrigendum
143517220507 07-May-2022 27-Jul-2022 provision of maintenance services for facilities: multiethnic, several services and several locati tenders
3410316220513 13-May-2022 11-Jul-2022 purchase of cobra (fbos) passive sealing units tenders
2300117220517 17-May-2022 06-Jul-2022 work to be carried out as part of the construction of a new wunne mat der wooltz school campus in tenders
403051220510 10-May-2022 06-Jul-2022 development of a car park and surroundings of the new school in rue des jardins in steinsel - phase tenders
2564416220518 18-May-2022 05-Jul-2022 public submission relating to the renewal of netiq identity manager licenses for the needs of the tenders
214051220517 17-May-2022 05-Jul-2022 renewal of netiq identity manager licenses for the needs of the national education administration tenders
246051220517 17-May-2022 04-Jul-2022 road redevelopment of luxembourg to bereldange tenders
1431916220521 21-May-2022 30-Jun-2022 european renewable energy guarantee (egre) - leading transactional advisor tenders
3087016220520 20-May-2022 29-Jun-2022 cleaning services in the interest of the operation of the maison tenders
2300217220517 17-May-2022 29-Jun-2022 facade work tenders
404051220511 11-May-2022 29-Jun-2022 covered enclosure work tenders
3085716220520 20-May-2022 28-Jun-2022 maintenance and upkeep of the electrical installations tenders
1432216220521 21-May-2022 28-Jun-2022 renovation and raising of the former schieren fire station into housing - structural work tenders
639016220503 03-May-2022 28-Jun-2022 structural work tenders
399051220502 02-May-2022 28-Jun-2022 construction of a public parking and extension of the mairie a steinsel tenders
240051220517 17-May-2022 27-Jun-2022 redevelopment "rue de l`eglise" in hassel tenders
406051220511 11-May-2022 24-Jun-2022 295m of copper cladding coverage, 260m of ventilated facades in perforated copper cladding, 90m of tenders

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