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Ref No. Posting Date Deadline Short Description Notice type
1073217210118 18-Jan-2021 19-Mar-2021 design and construction of a `europa experience` space and a conference centre in luxembourg tenders
648516210119 19-Jan-2021 18-Mar-2021 major works closed and covered to be performed in the interest of the technical high school for he tenders
137817201212 12-Dec-2020 15-Mar-2021 stttetjenester relateret til catering, logistik ogre and auxiliary staff and service provider with tenders
585916201216 16-Dec-2020 11-Mar-2021 sewage plant equipment tenders
702516210122 22-Jan-2021 04-Mar-2021 supply of round-conical candelabra in the interest of the public lighting on the state road tenders
142817210123 23-Jan-2021 02-Mar-2021 for cleaning services for the common areas of the administrative building in esch-belval tenders
1321717210120 20-Jan-2021 02-Mar-2021 lv4 complete bathroom renovation tenders
1321517210120 20-Jan-2021 02-Mar-2021 works for complete or part construction and civil engineering work tenders
701716210122 22-Jan-2021 01-Mar-2021 international primary school - trockenbauarbeiten tenders
647516210119 19-Jan-2021 01-Mar-2021 planung und ausf-hrung einer neuen sporthalle inkl. nebenrume auf dem campus um ewent in contern - tenders
722316210113 13-Jan-2021 01-Mar-2021 ltma surveillance tenders
701516210122 22-Jan-2021 26-Feb-2021 low voltage and low current electrical installation work tenders
674816210122 22-Jan-2021 26-Feb-2021 installation of doors and windows and related components tenders
702016210122 22-Jan-2021 26-Feb-2021 plaster work tenders
701916210122 22-Jan-2021 26-Feb-2021 elevator installation work tenders
387517201225 25-Dec-2020 26-Feb-2021 support for the development of harmonized accounting standards in the european public sector tenders
142717210123 23-Jan-2021 25-Feb-2021 floor-screed works tenders
674916210122 22-Jan-2021 25-Feb-2021 screeds, plinths, wet floor coverings and tiles to be carried out in the interest of the construct tenders
948417210120 20-Jan-2021 25-Feb-2021 emptying of household waste bins - clervaux-wiltz area tenders
1073317210118 18-Jan-2021 25-Feb-2021 transformation and enlargement of the cipa "grengewald" in niederanven tenders

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