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Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
10-Apr-2020 31-Dec-2021 Germany open house original discount contracts 2020-04 - tapentadol tenders
23-Nov-2017 30-Jul-2021 UKRAINE digital patient services partners dynamic purchasing system tenders
20-Jan-2021 19-Apr-2021 france development of innovative solutions to strengthen the effectiveness and quality of support & animat tenders
21-Apr-2020 28-Mar-2021 Germany medicinal product with the active substance erlotinib (atc: l01xe03) tenders
22-Jan-2021 19-Mar-2021 TUNISIA for the prevention of corruption tenders
16-Dec-2020 08-Mar-2021 Turkey supply for from design to production for digital transformation of apparel sector in turkey project tenders
18-Jan-2021 04-Mar-2021 TURKEY workshop equipment in field of fashion design and field of patient and elderly education tenders
03-Dec-2020 01-Mar-2021 BELGIUM cyber diplomacy support initiative tenders
12-Jan-2021 24-Feb-2021 serbia supervision for construction of the gas interconnector serbia-bulgaria on the serbian territory tenders
23-Jan-2021 24-Feb-2021 MALTA installation of information panels, signage panels and wooden stands at chadwick lakes - energy an tenders
14-Jan-2021 23-Feb-2021 MALTA excavation, construction, ee installation and finishing works for a 3-floor semi-basement facility tenders
20-Jan-2021 23-Feb-2021 MALTA the design, implementation and launch of a gamification learning management system (glms) tenders
23-Jan-2021 23-Feb-2021 MALTA supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of facilities for real-time testing of electrical tenders
18-Dec-2020 19-Feb-2021 serbia support in strengthening of the capacities of relevant institutions within the substances of human tenders
16-Jan-2021 19-Feb-2021 MALTA reconstruction and restoration of rubble walls in hal luqa and hal farrug under measure 4 of the e tenders
21-Jan-2021 19-Feb-2021 MALTA provision of a roaming, outdoor, photographic exhibition showcasing eu-funded projects in malta an tenders
16-Jan-2021 18-Feb-2021 MALTA supply, delivery and commissioning of it equipment to enhance capabilities of the malta police cyb tenders
04-Nov-2020 16-Feb-2021 DENMARK promoting the participation of migrants in the design and implementation of integration policies tenders
04-Nov-2020 16-Feb-2021 DENMARK promoting complementary pathways for people in need of protection and their further integration tenders
04-Nov-2020 16-Feb-2021 DENMARK address assistance, support and integration of thirdcountry national victims of trafficking in huma tenders

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