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Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
17-May-2022 21-Jun-2022 lesotho actions to promote & protect human rights & fundamental freedoms, democracy and rule of law in #les tenders
13-May-2022 17-Jun-2022 uganda consultancy services for establishment of wood energy plantations tenders
21-May-2022 16-Jun-2022 MALTA supply, installation, testing, commissioning, certification and maintenance of a panoramic lift, a tenders
11-May-2022 14-Jun-2022 Zimbabwe supply and installation of electronically controlled gates, information screens, baggage scanners a corrigendum
21-May-2022 10-Jun-2022 MALTA provision of training in basic economics and cost benefit analysis including an environmentally fr tenders
02-May-2022 03-Jun-2022 Belgium upgrading ability to control air quality in the turkish cypriot community tenders
27-Apr-2022 31-May-2022 MALTA laying of grp pipes between tunnel entry and headers inside the pembroke reverse osmosis plant for tenders
28-Apr-2022 31-May-2022 MALTA supply and installation of double-glazed aluminium thermal break apertures at serenity and madre t tenders
28-Apr-2022 31-May-2022 MALTA design, planning, coordination and execution of a marketing campaign as well as the design of artw tenders
02-May-2022 31-May-2022 MALTA supply of covid 19 amplicon sequencing assay with equipment on loan tenders
23-Feb-2022 27-May-2022 KOSOVO increasing research capacities in kosovo tenders
02-May-2022 27-May-2022 MALTA supply and delivery of dn80 penstocks for ta qali reservoirs for the water services corporation tenders
14-Apr-2022 25-May-2022 MALTA professional management services for the supervision and certification of works for the provision tenders
16-May-2022 25-May-2022 MALI realization and rehabilitation of community projects of the commune of anefif tenders
26-Mar-2022 23-May-2022 Netherlands educational software package tenders
02-May-2022 23-May-2022 Germany procurement of 3 vertical lpcvd ovens tenders
21-May-2014 N/A ALGERIA enpi support with consolidating the transport sector information system (sis) prior information notice
22-May-2014 N/A serbia ipa eu support to implementation of the education sector strategic plan 2011 2016 provision of sup prior information notice
22-May-2014 N/A Belgium eu central asia rule of law platform phase ii prior information notice
23-May-2014 N/A Germany architectural, engineering and planning services prior information notice

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