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Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
26-Oct-2021 19-Nov-2022 GHANA plastic products for personal hygiene and sanitation tenders
17-May-2022 16-Jun-2022 LEBANON rehabilitation of 27 public schools in lebanon tenders
13-May-2022 15-Jun-2022 IRAQ provide safely managed sanitation at al bo eitha sewage treatment plant (stp) – baghdad governorate tenders
20-May-2022 15-Jun-2022 SOMALIA provision of videography and photography service tenders
21-May-2022 15-Jun-2022 SOMALIA drilling, testing and equipping of boreholes tenders
17-May-2022 14-Jun-2022 PALESTINIAN TERRITORY, OCCUPIED institutional strengthening and capacity building for yatta water supply and sanitation department. tenders
29-Apr-2022 12-Jun-2022 AFGHANISTAN provision of stationery items for unicef kabul tenders
10-May-2022 12-Jun-2022 VENEZUELA, BOLIVARIAN REPUBLIC OF rehabilitation of 15 educational institutions of the puerto ayacucho municipality (edo. amazonas) tenders
13-May-2022 12-Jun-2022 IRAQ establishment of mbbr wastewater treatment plant for the hematology department at the medical compl tenders
13-May-2022 12-Jun-2022 VENEZUELA, BOLIVARIAN REPUBLIC OF drinking water system tenders
20-May-2022 09-Jun-2022 TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OF provision of sign language interpretation services in un programmes and events tenders
21-May-2022 08-Jun-2022 UNITED STATES cost-benefit of mental health and psychosocial support in education across the humanitarian-develop tenders
17-May-2022 07-Jun-2022 UNITED STATES investment case for integration of adolescent health/ hiv/ ncds in primary health care in eap tenders
21-May-2022 07-Jun-2022 SUDAN workforce planning and organization design analysis for development of unicef sudan country office tenders
17-May-2022 06-Jun-2022 SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLIC rehabilitation of 35 schools tenders
13-May-2022 05-Jun-2022 SOMALIA drilling of deep boreholes & provision of mechanical/electrical and civil works in somaliland tenders
18-May-2022 05-Jun-2022 IRAQ time bound long term agreement for monitoring services tenders
20-May-2022 05-Jun-2022 IRAQ time bound long term agreement for monitoring services. tenders
21-May-2022 05-Jun-2022 AFGHANISTAN procurement of blankets (local tender) tenders
07-May-2022 03-Jun-2022 MEXICO consultancy study advertising nutrition tenders

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