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09-Apr-2021 13-May-2021 PERU hiring of the risk analysis supervision service for the adduction tunnel of the santiago antĂșnez de tenders
15-Apr-2021 12-May-2021 PERU acquisition of 99 ambulances (urban type ii and iii and rural type ii) for the social health insura tenders
15-Apr-2021 05-May-2021 CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC construction works for twenty-neuf (29) reinforced concrete scuppers on the rn8 / kaga bandoro-ndom tenders
25-Mar-2021 03-May-2021 DENMARK hiring of the risk analysis and underwater inspection service of the adduction tunnel of the santia tenders
15-Apr-2021 02-May-2021 JORDAN measured price construction contract - construction of the water house connections for hawwara & sa tenders
02-Apr-2021 30-Apr-2021 IRAQ provision of device scene incident management (post bomb scene investigation (pbsi) training for un tenders
08-Apr-2021 29-Apr-2021 HAITI recruitment of a design office for the performance of technical studies: geotechnics, environmental tenders
07-Apr-2021 28-Apr-2021 BRAZIL contract services of complete projects at the executive level of architecture and complementary eng tenders
15-Apr-2021 28-Apr-2021 DENMARK project management related learning license (training services) tenders
14-Apr-2021 27-Apr-2021 TUNISIA provision of baseline study for the tunisia country program of cities alliance tenders
25-Mar-2021 26-Apr-2021 DENMARK development of a tool for assessing climate action in the transport sector tenders
01-Apr-2021 26-Apr-2021 GUINEA-BISSAU supply, delivery, installation and training of users of a transit ferry with a capacity of 20 to 25 tenders
08-Apr-2021 26-Apr-2021 CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC supply of two (02) 4x4 pick-up mono cabine diesel vehicles with cistern tank installed with a minim tenders
08-Apr-2021 26-Apr-2021 ALBANIA provision of restoration works of st. mary church in rubik and st. ndoj church in rodon, in albania tenders
13-Apr-2021 26-Apr-2021 IRAQ organisational and technical capacity enhancement of a national risk education (re) organisation fo tenders
12-Apr-2021 25-Apr-2021 NIGERIA assessment of the impact of explosive ordnance on groups of populations in borno state, nigeria tenders
09-Apr-2021 24-Apr-2021 INDONESIA e supply of virgin coconut oil machines in riau, indonesia tenders
23-Mar-2021 23-Apr-2021 HONDURAS construction of a building for a data center (with tier ii characteristics) and it offices for inju tenders
12-Apr-2021 23-Apr-2021 INDONESIA develop an integrated information of dmpg where it will consist of social and spatial mapping tenders
12-Apr-2021 23-Apr-2021 MYANMAR provision of air con maintenance service for unops office in yangon, myanmar tenders

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