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Posting Date Deadline Location Short Description Notice type
19-Feb-2021 05-Mar-2021 COLOMBIA education on mine risk (erm) in emergency situations tenders
19-Feb-2021 05-Mar-2021 ARGENTINA acquisition of night visors in the thermal infrared spectrum, for tactical use, for the security fo tenders
24-Feb-2021 05-Mar-2021 COLOMBIA hiring of graphic material design, audiovisual material production and layout of the humanicemos re tenders
24-Feb-2021 05-Mar-2021 EL SALVADOR hiring of internet services for unops offices in el salvador tenders
25-Feb-2021 05-Mar-2021 PARAGUAY contracting of services for the preparation of the executive project for the expansion and improvem tenders
16-Feb-2021 04-Mar-2021 ZAMBIA construction companies for earth fill dams remediation works in zambia tenders
25-Feb-2021 04-Mar-2021 HAITI drinking water supply for the unops office in haiti tenders
25-Feb-2021 04-Mar-2021 SIERRA LEONE supply of cleaning and sanitary materials to unops sierra leone tenders
25-Feb-2021 04-Mar-2021 ARGENTINA acquisition of wood pallets tenders
04-Feb-2021 03-Mar-2021 SWITZERLAND geli: the sdg leadership lab tenders
08-Feb-2021 03-Mar-2021 UKRAINE development and implementation of a remote learning electronic system for the prosecutor’s training tenders
10-Feb-2021 03-Mar-2021 DENMARK consultancy services to develop a malaria guidebook for parliamentarians tenders
24-Feb-2021 03-Mar-2021 ARGENTINA provision, installation and commissioning of a structured cabling system and an electrical power di tenders
03-Feb-2021 02-Mar-2021 HAITI construction work for scuppers and retaining walls as part of the repair of rural roads in the cent tenders
12-Feb-2021 02-Mar-2021 UKRAINE supply and installation of a video surveillance system for the state bureau of investigations of uk tenders
16-Feb-2021 02-Mar-2021 HAITI study and design of drinking water supply and distribution systems in four (4) communal sections of tenders
25-Feb-2021 02-Mar-2021 SRI LANKA construction of rubble retaining wall for garbage collection site at puttalam, sri lanka tenders
25-Feb-2021 02-Mar-2021 TOGO acquisition of gardening equipment and tools for the solid and liquid waste management sub-project tenders
08-Feb-2021 01-Mar-2021 ALBANIA provision of consultancy for design services for eu4culture project_ support for revitalization of tenders
09-Feb-2021 01-Mar-2021 ZIMBABWE provision of design consultancy services for reconstruction of nyahodi bridge no. 4 in manicaland p tenders

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